Nago All Natural Spicy Miso Dressing is a family recipe that was created for those who enjoy a livelier flavor in their salads. The dressing starts off with a smooth sweet and tangy taste then finishes with a late zesty kick. We sampled numerous spices to find the right ingredients to fuse with the hand-picked shiro miso, high quality rice vinegar and rich sesame oil. Also used as a delightful dipping sauce or glaze for barbeque. This particular dressing is great as a marinade for fish and meats. 

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Ingredients: Rice Vinegar, Miso Paste, Water, All Natural Mayonnaise (Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Pasteurized Whole Eggs, Filtered Water, Honey, White Vinegar, Sea Salt, Dry Mustard, Lemon Juice Concentrate), Organic Agave Nectar, Garlic Powder, Sesame Oil, Habenero Sauce, Spice. Contains: Sesame, Soy, Egg

Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Low Calories